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The Square Deal- Bottle Cutting Success

Hi friends! I'm going to dip my toe in the water of blogging. A number of my "square" friends have been asking which products I use and where to buy them. I will start with the products I recommend for the Bottle Cutting Class which I have tonight.

I signed up for the Amazon affiliate program which allows one to earn money for their recommendations. I believe it is only pennies, so don't think I am scamming anyone. It costs nothing to you, the consumer, and hopefully, since I test many products before choosing the one I like best, it will help Craft Squared recoup some of it's testing costs. So, if I can figure out how to actually add the links, I'd really appreciate it if you use the links here! Thank you!

Diamond 60 Grit Sanding Block:

I use this as the first step in sanding the bottle rims. It works quickly and has just enough grit to knock off the rough edges in preparation for sand paper. I tried SO many options and am still looking for an even speedier solution for days that I have many bottles to cut and sand!

I also tried an orbital sander, the vibrations caused more chips in the bottle than it originally had after cutting. I tried my Foredom Flex Shaft. I could not figure out a bit that worked well- still looking. It also had to be set up outside for ventilation, which was not ideal. Let me know if you figure it out a better solution!

This Diamond Grit Sanding Block is really a good option, especially for a small number of bottles. Don't forget to use wet to reduce glass dust and wear a mask!

Click the link to purchase:

Bottle Cutter/Scorer

For the easiest scoring I recommend this Bottle Cutter from Kalawen. Again, I tried several different models and this was the most consistent. The blade lasts an exceptionally long time. It is easy to adjust and the score line meets the original every time. I like the simplicity of this one as well.

CLick the link below to purchase:

Separation Rings

I didn't initially realize the importance of separation rings, but it makes a big difference in your cutting success rate if you focus the water in a narrow stream over the score line. Separation rings do come with most bottle cutter kits but most are thinner. These rings from Creator's being thicker, means they are not as flexible and tend to "pop back" to where they want to go. But, if you gently lift and move them into place, because of their thickness, they keep more of the hot water on the score line and away from the rest of the bottle, reducing chances for cracking.

Click the link to purchase:

Thank you for your support! I will continue to add products I deem important in the success of your projects. And remember #besquare

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