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  We bring the activity and the fun to you with our unique DIY craft offerings!
We ensure each of our crafts meet our high quality standards, so each is thoroughly tested before rolling out to the public. Behind the scenes, we are working as fast as we can to offer you a wide variety of choices for your event. Look forward to new crafts being introduced and check back often. Also, if you have a venue that allows us to be messy, let us know and we can be even more creative!

IInterested in scheduling a craft event for your friends or business? Click envelope to get in touch.

I went to a candle class in Raleigh, and after the first five minutes, this is already better!"...Kim S. 

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Copper Hummingbird 

Make a copper hummingbird feeder that really works! And is made from mostly recycled materials. You'll learn basics of metal work while creating a special gift for yourself or someone else!

Untitled design (22).png
hb at feeder.jpg

Paint a Pillow

Paint a high quality canvas pillow led by our guest painter, Gina Carbone. Colorful and seasonal designs are simple enough that anyone can paint like a professional!

Wine Bottle Cutting


Learn to cut wine bottles to make fun and functional art. In this class you will learn to score and separate wine bottles and make a self-watering planter to take home. 

This needs to be held outside.


Wine Glass Painting

A unique and colorful take on painted wine glasses. You paint two high quality 16 oz. wine glasses, stemmed or stemless. Customized and seasonal pictures are available for private events.

wine glass 3.jpg
snowman glasses.jpg

Squeegee Painting

A silly, fun and colorful craft for all ages! We have designs for all seasons and can work with you to customize designs. Economical and not a large time investment. Great for birthday parties. Schedule today!


fall squeegee.JPG

DIY Resin Art Cutting Board

Make these super-cool art resin cutting boards. We provide a set of three- small, medium and large- bamboo cutting boards, resin, pigment, tools and instruction.

These make a fabulous and unique gift. Contact us to discuss planning your event.

This requires setting overnight and attention the next morning.



Heading 2

DIY Candle Pouring

Our most popular craft. We bring the wax, fragrances, containers and instructions for this unique event. We use only 100% natural soy wax and top-of-the-line fragrance for our candles. 

Learn the basics of candle making and have a great time. Fragrances and containers may vary by season and event and labels can be customized!



DIY String Art

Check out this inventive craft! DIY string art. You will receive a solid pine wood piece painted and stenciled, ready to add nails and string. See events for current designs or schedule your own.


Not Your Daughter's Bracelets

Although, she can make them too! These sophisticated Pura Vida- inspired bracelets are made with high quality materials, are adjustable and lots of fun to make! Sterling silver, pewter and gold-filled findings along with top-of-the-line silk cord make these bracelets durable and long lasting. In this activity, you will learn to make both a braided charm bracelet with a button clasp and an adjustable decorative connector  bracelet. Connector choices include evil eye, lotus, branch and other natural themes in gold or silver. Braided bracelets includes a beautiful tree of life charm. Great for a birthday activity or bridal activity!


Lava Bead Aromatherapy Bracelets

During this fun activity, you make two aromatherapy bracelets using sterling silver, all natural semi-precious gemstones and genuine lava beads.

Choose your beads based on their metaphysical properties or just by the pretty colors! Instruction and materials included. Essential oils provided for sample but not sold at event. 


Modern Hoop Wreaths

This is a very hands on and creative activity. Immerse yourself in seasonal foliage as you learn the basics of making your own wreath. High quality faux foliage and instruction are provided. No experience is necessary for you to create and bring home a stunning 14" wreath. 


Recycled Cork Wreaths

A great idea for all your wine corks or use ours! Make a beautiful and festive wreath to add warmth to your holiday home. This craft is always a hit.

wreath 3.jpg
wreaths pic 2.jpg

Concrete Figures

Play in the mud with us and make pumpkins, snowmen or mushrooms (working on the mushrooms for Spring 2022). This is an easy one and such a good time. You'll feel like a kid again!

This is an outside craft for nice weather.

concrete snowman.jpg
pumpkin 2.jpg
pumpkin 1.jpg
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